Graphic designer


creating visual concepts


designing logos and coporate identities


designing the layout of printed materials, such as flyers, brochures, books and magazines


creating visual designs for websites, applicationa and games


structuring and designing infographics, signs, forms etc.


thinking of a style and the story that it tells in collaboration with the client


researching the subject, especially the target audience


visualizing ideas


creating and editing illustrations, photos, layout and typography


creating visual identity for a product or a company


cooperating with printing houses, product managers, communication staff, marketing specialists and technicians


being creative


being able to think of innovative ways to approach a message and transform it into a visual concept


being able to feel what customers want


being able to see another person’s perspective


adapting new trends, developments and technology


thinking in images


working in a team


working with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse, Dreamweaver


being flexible


willing to constantly develop professional knowledge and skills


vocational training in Graphic Design (MBO4)


higher vocational education in Graphic Design, Communication and Multimedia Design (HBO)


Art Academy


practise in drawing


watch online tutorials on design software


collect samples of the designs you like


read and watch the stories of the rolemodels on our website


visit websites of women's networks:


get advice from your dean at school or from the school career supervisor


talk to your parents, uncles, aunts or neighbors and ask them for advice