developing all kinds of multimedia products


using different media forms, such as still images, moving images, texts and sounds to produce one product


developing a final product that can be a game, a movie, a website or a web application


creating visual, sound and special effects


developing websites, videos, games, films and apps


integrating social media and videos into websites


creating products that are well designed and user-friendly


being customer-oriented, being able to listen well


being analytical


being able to work in a result-oriented way


being creative


being innovative


willing to continually develop professional knowledge


being able to think logically


problem solving


Bachelor’s degree in fine art or the following: design, communications, advertising, marketing, animation, digital programming etc


Degree in Marketing


Degree in computing, IT or computer science


other creative, graphic and technical training courses


Further study at:

  • Web Design - QQI Level 6 component certificate in Web Authoring at the College of Management and IT
  • Social Media and Web Design - QQI Level 6 component certificate in Web Authoring at the Carlow Institute of Further Education

do your best at high school in the creative subjects and computer science


watch online tutorials on design software


Try out using web design platforms such as Wordpress or Squarespace to practice


read and watch the stories of the role models on our website


Visit for job specifications and requirements


Look at the following European sites for lessons and info!
In English:

  • Bomberbot - 16 lessons with 300+ levels to learn to program at home
  • In the Daisy the Dinosaur app, you have the dinosarus Daisyo walk, dance, jump on the screen. You learn the principles of sequence, objects, loops and actions
  • ComputerCraft is a module for the popular game Minecraft. With this you can build a computer in the Minecraft world and start programming yourself
  • Hopscotch - This app for the iPad teaches you to program playfully by creating a script from blocks with commands. Hopscotch is based on the programming language Scratch