writes a text that a computer can readprograms software


programs software


using programming languages that can be read by the computer


writing codes for websites, phones, computers, games, apps, robots, cash registers, registration systems, and programs that drive machines


develop websites


contacting and dealing with servers


think logically


be good at math


speak English well


work accurately


have a lot of discipline


constantly develop your professional knowledge


work well in a team


knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Mysql, HTML, CSS, some design software, like Photoshop and Inkscape


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming or other IT courses.


Study in Computer Science


Study in Computer Programming or Engineering


Study in an IT course


Further study at:

  • A Diploma in Python Programming – At CCT College Dublin
  • An Introduction to Computer Programming – at CCT College Dublin
  • Business Computing – FETAC at Pinnacle Training, Coolock
  • Computing - Higher Diploma at Griffith College, Dublin
  • Computer Programming - QQI level 5 at Rathmines College of Further Education

Look up video tutorials on Youtube and learn how to write different types of computer coding




Visit the Computing and Communications Museum of Ireland to learn about our computer programming history


Look at the following European sites for lessons and info!
In English:

  • Bomberbot - 16 lessons with 300+ levels to learn to program at home
  • In the Daisy the Dinosaur app, you have the dinosarus Daisyo walk, dance, jump on the screen. You learn the principles of sequence, objects, loops and actions
  • ComputerCraft is a module for the popular game Minecraft. With this you can build a computer in the Minecraft world and start programming yourself
  • Hopscotch - This app for the iPad teaches you to program playfully by creating a script from blocks with commands. Hopscotch is based on the programming language Scratch

Visit an open programming lecture at your local university