Coder / computer programmer


writes a text that a computer can read


programs software


using programming languages that can be read by the computer


writing codes for websites, phones, computers, games, apps, robots, cash registers, registration systems, and programs that drive machines


develop websites


contacting and dealing with servers


think logically


be good at math


speak English well


work accurately


have a lot of discipline


constantly develop your professional knowledge


work well in a team


knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Mysql, HTML, CSS, some design software, like Photoshop and Inkscape


do your best at high school in the subjects mathematics, English and computer science


vocational ICT training


higher professional education in ICT(HBO)


You can already start with improving your programming skills by practicing a lot. There are all kinds of nice initiatives and learning packages for young people that can help you easily learn how to program.

  • The app Scratch Jr is for children between 5 and 7 years old
  • In the Daisy the Dinosaur app, you have the dinosarus Daisyo walk, dance, jump on the screen. You learn the principles of sequence, objects, loops and actions
  • – Online course for beginners in Javascript
  • ComputerCraft is a module for the popular game Minecraft that allows you to build a computer in the Minecraft world and start programming yourself
  • Hopscotch – This app for the iPad teaches you to program in a playful way by creating a script of blocks with commands. Hopscotch is based on the Scratch programming language.
  • Also on the de site (an initiative by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) online tutorials can be found)

read and watch the stories of the role models on our website


visit websites of women's networks:


get advice from your dean at school or from the school career supervisor


talk to your parents, uncles, aunts or neighbors and ask them for advice