Web developer


builds and maintains websites and web applications


the work focuses usually on the underlying software and databases, known as the 'back end'


some web developers work also on the interface and visual design, the 'front end'


combining both is also possible, called 'full-stack development'


responsible for the technical development of websites


writing code in one or more programming or scripting languages, such as PHP or JavaScript


planning and prototyping new applications


designing the architecture of the components of an application


building and testing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for applications to exchange data


meeting designers, developers and project staff for progress updates


gathering requirements from clients and users


knowledge of programming and application design


logical approach to problem solving


being able to work independently and in mixed teams


being able to manage a complex range of tasks and meet deadlines


good communication skills


willing to learn constantly new technologies


do your best at high school in the subjects mathematics, English and computer science


vocational ICT training courses


higher professional education in ICT (HBO)


attend meetings for different programming languages and interest groups


attend courses, conferences and workshops


gain knowledge through the internet


find opportunities to develop websites and applications within your network of friends and family


read and watch the stories of the role models on our website


visit websites of women's networks: www.rightbrains.nl www.ictvrouwen.nl www.vhto.nl


get advice from your dean at school or from the school career supervisor


talk to your parents, uncles, aunts or neighbors and ask them for advice