Dear readers,

I often wonder why we never hear about girls working in the world of IT. There must be girls out there, right? I can’t believe this is a men’s world only. If I’m only speaking for myself: I’ve got the skills! And I’m sure I am not the only one.

That’s why I came up with this idea for a new blog, which I call: Digital Girls. It’s all about girls working in the digital world. I want to show all of you readers out there, that you are not alone, there are girls already doing it! Living the digital life.

The only thing I need to do is highlight them. For your and mine inspiration.
Maybe then more girls will step into the light. Girl Power!

Hi, I’ve told you about Digitals Girls already. After some more thinking I came up with the following objectives I aim at.

With Digital Girls I want to:
- Identify, encourage, develop and showcase women in digital jobs
- map the process for developing of digital skills suitable for the labour market
- foster an atmosphere conducive to digital confidence
- change the attitude towards digital learning through effective methods for high-quality youth work

Not so bad! What do you think?

I am convinced that Digital girls can make a change! To meet my goals, I’ve set up the following activities:

- Selecting and promoting digital role models of women and girls and developing short film series "The world of successful Digital Girls"
- Developing Digital career roadmap series for different digital jobs and professions
- Creating and reinforcing an online platform for girl’s meaningful information about opportunities with digital market
- Organising tailored for girls events: Open days in companies, Inspiration days, web events for girls
- Performing massive web campaign: buzz feeds, Facebook events, guest posting on blogs, ads, posting of film teasers and promos, film releases

I can’t wait to start and see the results!