Role models' Guide
to the digital galaxy

Thamar Martin

Marguerite Caycedo
Self-employed; Graphic design / webdesign / Branding

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

To be successful you need to stand out and take risks. Put yourself up-front and most of all make connections! Unfortunately the creative world is not a world of riches, you need to have a big portfolio, which means you need to work allot of favors, and spend many hours in things that might not get you the money you need. You need to be ready to expect a harsh world that does not work in your favor, but I think that will be in a lot of fields. Fight for what you believe in; don’t be scared if you don’t know how something works I believe no one actually knows. But the most important the un-limited knowledge of the World Wide Web, Google is your best friend. Don’t expect anyone teaching you anything; teach yourself. Repeat it until perfection and be a self-made person.


- Royal Academy of Fine Art- Bachelor
- With a lifetime hours of self-study trough the internet 


Computer knowledge think of;
- Software of Mac/ Windows; understanding computers.
- Adobe Premiere, After effects for movies
- Adobe Illustrator, InDesign for Graphic Design
- Adobe Dreamweaver and Muse for Websites
- Word press and small HTML/ Programming
- Dragonframe; stopmotion animation
- Servers and Hosts
- Sculpturis; digital sculpturing program for the 3D-printer and 3d printing itself

Without computer;
- Panic ☺
- Sculpture  

Outside work

Networking and Networking! Luckily I have friends that are from all environments and cultures. Which means they will introduce you to their environment and you will get to know allot of people that might some day need your services. For sure my own environment is the Art-scene where if I can put all my energy. When I have spare time (which is not much) I travel and try to organize expositions for my work! .