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Radosveta Drakeva

Marguerite Caycedo
General Manager of a company for Software development: desktop and web applications for education management

The job

In AdminSoft we are developing software products to help schools as well as the Education Ministry and the VET Agency in Bulgaria to manage more successfully their everyday activities. These are management information systems, on-line documents, various registers. Software development, especially web-development, is now expanding as everybody is online and is keen to manage all his activities through his personal computer, tablet or smartphone. So we are helping the education professionals in this task.

As a general manager of the company, I am responsible for its whole performance, as well as for the clients’ satisfaction. Sometimes this is not easy, but we all have a common goal and are working as a team to reach it.

My day-to-day activities include: business analysis, drawing specifications, designing tasks for the programmers, discussing with them various functionalities of the products.

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

- What is your work philosophy?
You have to love what you are doing. To feel involved and to believe that your work is making the world a better place to live in.
- What does it take to be successful?
To be professional and to improve your performance every day. I started as a school teacher, then moved to school leadership and later – to the digitalization of the school management. An all the time I am learning new things and trying to be in line with the latest developments in the sector.
- Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices?
Not really. Of course sometimes the workload is too much, but this is how things happen in the computer world.
- Professional / social network
I am a member of several project management and business analysis networks, it’s nice to comment new things with colleagues.
- Relationship with employees / colleagues / employer
In AdminSoft we are like a big family. We trust very much each other, as we know that the success of the company depends on the efforts of each of us.
- How do you deal with mistakes in your work?
Trying to learn from them. And to find what positive can be taken out even from the mistakes. 


- Formal education
Master degree in Bulgarian language and Literature
Master degree in English Language
Post-graduate degree in Management and Marketing of Education
Post-Graduate Diploma in “Computerization of Social Systems”
Master degree in Managing IT Projects

- Courses and trainings (incl. online)
Education management
Second Professional Qualification Degree for Teachers - Pedagogy (Theory of Education)
On-line courses in Database Development, Business Analysis, Software Solution Architectures, Digitalization of education

- Certificates
MCITP (Certified IT Professional), MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) – SQL Server 2008, Database Development
MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) – Analyzing Requirements and Designing Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures; Managing, Organizing, and Delivering IT Projects by Using the Microsoft® Solutions Framework


- The most relevant skills to perform the job successfully
Professional skills in managing IT projects, as well as professional skills in the applied field of the company

- Hard skills
Good knowledge in business analysis, software programming, database development

- Soft skills
Leadership, communication, empathy; ability to plan, organize and prioritize work tasks] ability to work under pressure

Outside work

I am involved in several European cooperation projects, sharing expertise with colleagues from EU countries. Also, I often participate in various trainings, conferences and workshops where we discuss interesting themes.