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Bistra Klisarska

Bistra Klisarska
Manager of a web studio activity:
IT Development; IT Project Management; Digital Document Output Management

The job

In my career, I have been working for the top web companies in Bulgaria - all with impressive market share. I have gained skills in every step of the website cycle – from the design and development, through UX expertise, to strategies for generating website traffic and monetization. The confidence I built during all these years helped me start a very own business – a small web studio. With the constant increase of smartphones use, we've expanded our expertise in mobile app development. So now I'm running my company :) On a daily basis I'm managing projects, taking care of my team to be motivated, and trying hard to meet our customer's expectations.

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

I believe in the fair play! I believe in self improvement – I am always trying to challenge myself in my professional and personal life. I believe you can do everything if you are motivated and try really hard. For me success is not about money or fame, success is the ability to do something better today than yesterday. I really love what I do and I do not feel I sacrifice anything in order to do my job. I believe everyone should follow their dream and start making what they really love. And when a mistake occurs try to fix it and learn from it. I do not believe in pointing fingers.


I've graduated the Sofia High School of Mathematics and Informatics and I have a Master degree in Computer Science from the Technical University - Sofia. I am really thankful to all my employers for investing in my development as a professional and a manager. I have been trained in UI / UX, Team / Project / Conflict / Time Management. I do my best to participate in all major technology events in Bulgaria in order to find what is new in my business and to develop new professional relationships with local and global experts. Digital technologies are a constantly changing environment, and I always try to keep learning and improving myself.


First of all - I am a mathematician and an engineer. This is my background and this is where I've started from. In my everyday developer tasks, I'm using almost all popular web technologies, mostly PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. For my UI/UX background, I frequently work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. I'm definitely a team player and a natural leader. People tend to follow me and ask for my professional advice. I have strong problem solving abilities and often join projects as external consultant and adviser. My artistic side distinguishes me and allows me to handle projects from a new and aesthetic point of view. I have strong communication skills, ability to clearly explain processes, requirements and ideas. I am able to delegate tasks, surround myself with skillful and trustful people, and stay focused on my goals.

Outside work

I met my husband at the university and we are together since 1999. We love to travel, trying to live a healthy life and spend at least 30 minutes per day to work out. I have been dancing since I was 5 and I have tried lots of different styles – Bulgarian national dances, flamenco, hip hop, raga, contemporary dances. Now I have a sweet baby boy, 6 months old and I am facing some new challenges. My life changed but I am still a “people’s person”. I value time spent with my friends – playing board games, having a coffee or just chatting. Two months ago I participated in a Tough Mudder event, which was a great physical and mental challenge and I'm so proud to have finish it successfully. I am active person and I'm ready to try everything - at least once :)