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Julia Reoyo

Julia Reoyo
Director of a creative studio
Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Web Design

The job

I am a director of a creative studio where we do photography, video, graphic design and web design.

The daily activities include administrative duties, web design and updating, social network management, taking pictures and photo editing, meetings, writing proposals and budgets, etc.

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

- What is your work philosophy?
My work philosophy is to evaluate each assignment in a personal way and to take the conscious decision whether or not I want to get involved, why and to what extent. Avoiding stress and reflecting on the time devoted to each task is crucial as well as trying to specialize more and more in order to grow in the areas of your interest and to be able to get rid of what is done only for money.
- What does it take to be successful?
To be successful you need to be happy doing whatever you do.
- Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices?
Sometimes it requires working for too long and my personal routine is affected.
- Professional / social network
I work within a local professional network.
- Relationship with employees / colleagues / employer
My relationship with employees/colleagues is very good. We are very good friends above all, and there is total confidence.
- How do you deal with mistakes in your work?
I deal with mistakes in my work assuming them calmly and taking advantage of them as a learning opportunity. 


- Higher degree in artistic photography (Vocational Education)

- Self-taught


The most relevant skills to carry out the work successfully:
- Knowing what you want and what you don´t
- To believe in what you do
- Not to be afraid to make mistakes
- Keep learning/maintaining curiosity and motivation

Professional and technical skills and abilities acquired during training and / or professional experience:
- Technical: Web design, image taking and editing
- Social skills: Security and determination, kindness and respect 

Outside work

Pleasant social life.

Active involvement in local social movements and associations.