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Pavla Nováková

Pavla Nováková
full-stack java web developer, analyst
(application development and analysis)

The job

I’ve been working as a java developer for more than ten years. I was working as a freelancer and also as a senior Java contractor for few IT companies. I’m able to build complete Java EE based web applications - analysis, data modelling, java programming, web coding, testing, writing really nice documentation. Recently I have also developed one day workshop for Java companies “How to write great and easy to maintain project documentation”.

Day-to-day activities usually vary depending on position, currently I spent most of time working on my own products, both programming and sale - online booking system for fit clubs provided in form of „software as a service“, more information about this product can be found at

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

Many years back when I started my IT studies I’ve set quite clear goal for myself - being able to build complete applications from the scratch (to final business solution) and start my own business … following years represented just logical steps towards this goal. I’ve finished IT studies (specialization in building information systems), constantly learned new technologies and searched for best tools to reach my goal, and of course tried to write a lot of applications because theoretical knowledge is worth nothing if you don’t have a practical experience (at least as a programmer but I believe that’s more general rule) – with every finished (or not finished) application you progress. The way was not of course too straightforward and it was often quite difficult for me to find my own work-life balance but all steps we do move us forward no matter if they “good” or “bad”, so it is definitely Good from my point of view no matter how difficult or easy the way was.

I was always and individual athlete and I in my “work part of life” I felt (and still feel) similar - I prefer working independently – because I like to take complete responsibility for the success or fail of the solution I’m working on and also due to time flexibility – just to give you example: if there is powder snow in mountains I simply go for skiing and when it is a bad weather I can stay at home and do some programming stuffs, this is not possible when you are working in a large team and have to communicate with colleagues on daily basis. On the other hand as I led one-year long refactoring process of a large app for international company I’ve found it inspiring talking to a lot of people in different positions and searching for the way how to motivate the team to make the software we are working on better and everyone to contribute to success of the refactoring effort …

Mistakes are simply part of the process. Every mistake is a valuable experience. These days software systems are very complex, there can be a bug in tools you use, in code you write, in design decision you do … accept


2001 - 2004 Masaryk University - Faculty of medicine, Physiotherapy - Bachelor Degree.
2004 - 2008 Masaryk University - Faculty of informatics - specialization in Information systems - Master Degree.
2010 - 2012 unofficial studium of MBA


Understanding how to design software systems, analytical thinking, data modeling, knowledge of wide stack of Java (EE) tools and technologies, databases and web tools and technologies, communication with customers (if you also want to sell your product).

Outside work

I love many types of sport activities, travelling