Role models' Guide
to the digital galaxy

Antigoni D’Mello

Application developer
(Senior Salesforce Developer)

The job

Reponsible for creating Salesforce applications for internal and external users. Digital Sector is FinTech and specifically Insurance.

Position: Senior Salesforce Developer, responsible for development on the Salesforce Platform and platform.

Day-to-day activities: Implementing small pieces of functionality of an application, testing them and promoting them to Live environment. Advocating best practices and software engineering standards

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

- What is your work philosophy?
Be ethical and respectful to your colleagues, always listen and maintain your
- What does it take to be successful?
Hard work.
- Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices?
Absolutely not, in any life aspect, professional or personal.
- Professional / social network
It’s developed by participating in wider communities related with your field of
- Relationship with employees / colleagues / employer
Amazing. Really admire what everyone is doing and the vision that they are
committed to.
- How do you deal with mistakes in your work?
Mistakes are very human and natural, you just hold yourself accountable,
communicating them and do your best to amend them


- Formal education:
Bachelor on Computer Science – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

- Courses and trainings:
Salesforce online and instructor-led training, various IT-related lessons in Coursera.

- Certificates:
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 2


- Hard skills:
Technical skills on Software Engineering, such as coding, software development best
practices, best practices specific to Salesforce Platform.

- Soft skills:
Being a good listener, passionate about what you do, communicating you point of
view clearly, focusing on solving a problem.

Outside work

Social life

Love my friends and family, who I cannot frequently meet in the busy London life
and across the continent which make me sad a lot of times. At the same time, it
gives me pleasure more than anything when I get to see them.