Role models' Guide
to the digital galaxy

Laura Carmona Torregrosa

Laura Carmona Torregrosa
Digital artist - Photographer

The job

- International wedding photography. Photography, editing and layout.

- Day-to-day activities: Digital retouching of photographs, answering customer emails, meeting clients, editing albums...

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

- To love your work and enjoy it is the only way to success and the only thing that can differentiate you from the rest.
- Up-to-date technology is necessary in this field.
- You do not have to make sacrifices at work, only constancy and responsibility.
- My co-worker is my partner, so the benefits and problems remain at home and are resolved more peacefully. 


- Doctorate in Fine Arts
- Master in Graphic Design
- Master in Web Design
- ‘Image and Sound’ Vocational Education
- Pedagogical Aptitude Course 


- Experience is the word. When you face situations already experienced these are easier to be solved.
- The study of the image during the whole degree. Composition. Digital techniques during masters and the management of the cameras through vocational education.
- All the studies of my life have made my work fluid and simple, intrinsic.
- The use of social networks, or extended meetings with clients, must be simple, direct and friendly.

Outside work

- I am the mother of a 3 year old boy, we live in a house in a small and quiet town. Our work is mostly at home and we do not need to move a lot or live in a big city.
- I am the president of an association called "El jardinet de l'estació" (“The little garden of the station”) where we take care of stray cats, sterilize them and vaccinate them. Removing them from conflict zones by relocating them to the Garden we have planted on the outskirts.