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Nuria Moreno Bermejo

Nuria Moreno Bermejo
ICT trainer

The job

I work in the education sector as a trainer, both in face-to-face courses as well as in e-learning and blended learning.
Tasks performed, sometimes individually and sometimes as a member of a team:
- Support in the selection of students.
- Definition of objectives, analysis and structuring of contents, choice of didactic means and resources to use, drafting of agenda.
- Teaching contents and clarification of doubts. In most cases using technological tools and resources so that the explanation / clarification is faster and easier for the student.
- Closure of the training action, completing all the necessary documentation.

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

My work philosophy is very simple, since it is mainly about wanting and willing to do your work as well as possible.

To work in education training it is necessary to have a vocation and to be 100% responsible, since your students often see you not only as a teacher but also as a "confessor" to tell personal stories and ask for opinions.

The relationship I have with my colleagues, both teachers and the administration, is usually quite good, because I believe that together we can manage to teach effectively and efficiently. And if at any time we make a mistake, we must correct it as soon as possible.Mistakes are very human and natural, you just hold yourself accountable, communicating them and do your best to amend them.


This is a summary of my education background:
- Degree / Technical Engineering in Management Informatics (Computing)
- Degree / Technical Industrial Engineering
- Master's Degree in Teacher Training in Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
- B1 of English
- Some training courses are: Programming in visual environments for hospital management (300h theoretical + 200h practices in the company "Novasoft"); Application Analyst (470h); Web and multimedia design (110h); Dreamweaver (50h); PHP Programming (55h); Basic design. (400h); Basic management of Occupational Risk Prevention (50h); Protection of the environment (20h); Project Management with Microsoft Project 2013 (20h); MS Project (v. 2013) (60h); Administrative acts and procedures (100h); Skills for integration in the company (60h); Guidance and counselling for job placement (50h) 


For some time now, new technologies have entered strongly in the education sector, expanding and reinforcing it and making it more affordable and closer to all. Thus, skills/competencies needed in this case would be:
- Leadership
- Synthesis capacity
- Stress management
- Creativity
- Communication skills
- Responsibility
- Motivation
- Planning

Outside work

Obviously, personal and social life and hobbies affect the work life of a person and I enjoy reading, theater, cinema, music and especially my family and friends that make me grow and mature as a person and as a professional.