Role models' Guide
to the digital galaxy

Lina (Vasylyna Sirmabiyik)

UI/UX Designer, Backtag

The job

I’m a digital designer and as a user interface/user experience I’m working in programs like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma and After Effects, and I’m responsible for:
- Design & rebranding of websites;
- Creating UI Kit, a module for users;
- Design for layouts;
- Operating with customers database;
- Collaborating with developers team;
- Developing pictograms and icons;
- Leading social media;
- Preparing presentations, style guides, and promo materials etc.

Individually, I feel that to have a healthy mind it's important to keep a healthy lifestyle, so fitness is a big part of my routine.

Professional beliefs
What does it take to be successful?

- What is your work philosophy?
I have two of them. One is "it could always be better" and the second is “between want and need”
- What does it take to be successful?
For me, it’s on stop work and learning. Communications and the right environment is the best tools!
- Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices?
Well, I can not say I'm sacrificing, for me it's rather "pin of priorities". Yes, this day, it’s taking me a lot for my self-work, but I'm happy to be in the flow of my dreams.
- Professional / social network
I have my portfolio in Behance and my website for customers, I will navigate you with the links
- Relationship with employees / colleagues / employer
That’s a really big matter for me in my daily work flow, and happy to have the best colleagues and employer ever. In this environment, I feel like we are friends with the same hobby.
- How do you deal with mistakes in your work?
I'm trying to stay focused to minimize them, but since I'm a human, I'm accepting it and moving forward.


- Formal education
2010 - 2016 High school National Uzhgorod University, Economic Department of finance (bachelor)
2015 - 2018 National Moscow University UNIK NOU VPO MEI graphic & digital design (bachelor)
- Courses and trainings (incl. online)
- Certificates
2015 - 2016 English language courses at the Tarabya British Schools
2016 - TOMER, Turkish language (4 level out of 12)
2016 - Assertive behavior, human resources management
2017 - 2018 UniPrep, intensive courses of the Czech language
2017 - Fashion illustration- Fantasy rooms
2017 - Interior décor- Fantasy rooms


Effort and persistence
Knowledge of software tools and time management

Outside work

I've been keeping a blog last 4 years, so you can find me on Instagram: @ux_grade.
I was as an intern in the american company Pearl Behavioral Health & Medicine PLLC